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FREE Premium Account for Women at Inland Romance

Free Premium Membership is granted for Women with a complete profile and profile picture.

The picture must be a "Profile Picture" and show a clear face shot.
The Profile Picture is the one that will show on search result and profile browsing.

You can add up to 5 pictures in your photo album

The Free Membership is for a period of one Year from sign-up date.

Note: Please note that we reserve the right to grand or not grand Free Premium Account to any profile and anyone for any reason that we choose.
Also note that if we grand you a Free Premium Account we may also "de-grand" you (cancel) your free premium account at any time and for any reason.
Also note that we may cancel, remove, delete, suspend your account and ban you from access to our site for any reason at any time.
(This is mainly for people that don't behave their self or subscribe to our site for the main purpose of contacting members for non "Romance" related issues like SPAM )
Also note that you may also cancel and remove your account at any time you wish.
To do so, log-in to your account, click on "My Control Panel" then click on "Cancel Membership"
All info and pictures will be deleted instantly and there is no way to get them back, so make sure that's what you want to do before you click on the cancelation link.

Do you want to make your PREMIUM Account Permanent?
(This is valid for Man and Woman)

There is two ways for you to make your account permanent and it is very easy.

1> - Refer people to this site and ask them to enter your screen name on the first page of the registration process.
After 10 people sign-up entering your screen name your account will be made permanent. (New sign-up must be approved)

2> - Join our Affiliate Program
On your first approved commission we will grant your account permanent status.
Just email us your account Affiliate ID# for verification.

And you will also be making 25% per sign-up for people that purchase our service.

Where can you place this affiliate code to generate money?
- Your Affiliate control panel will let you send emails to people you know with your ID code# in it already.
- You can place your ID code on your web page like geocity or any web pages
- If you have a Yahoo profile, you can place it in your "Home Page" or "Cool Links"

It is that simple.

Just a note: Do you know you can have people visit your profile directly from your page

Sample 1: A text link to point directly to your profile
Click Here to visit my profile.
To do this copy and paste the line of code below in your page and replace the 3 with your user_id=x.
<a href="http://inlandromance.com/profile_view.php?user_id=3">Click Here</a> to visit my profile.

Sample 2: A picture link to point to your profile
Note: Do not use the picture location on Inland Romance as it will not work (we will stop "leaching" soon)

Click on image to view more of me

If you have a Yahoo profile you can ad it also on your Home Page link of Cool link.
InlandRomance.com/profile_view.php?user_id=3 (replace the 3 with your user_id=x)
Affiliate Links:

You can also use your picture to send people with your affiliate link on it.
Sample: Link to Inland Romance

Sample: Link to Inland Romance Affiliate

If you have questions or need help with any of this, Click Here or on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page
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